There will be five crew competitions sponsored by ISS GMT Global Marine Travel and Denison Yacht Sales at the 2017 Newport Charter Yacht Show presented by Helly Hansen. Captains and crew members can sign up on our Web site: www.NewportCharterShow.com/crew-competitions

Chef Competition :: Tuesday, June 20th, 1:00pm
Open to all registered yachts in the Charter Yacht Show, this competition is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20th. This year's Chef Competition theme is 'The Five Star Dining Experience' and the competition will follow a traditional mystery basket format. The mystery basket will be filled with New England specialities and the chefs will be given the list of ingredients to be provided and what they can and cannot use from their pantry. On the morning of the competition, they will receive the ingredients and head back to their onboard galleys to create their luxury dish. They will prepare four servings of a meal that showcases the ingredients and their skills. Chefs will be expected to give a presentation that includes an explanation of their chosen ingredients and how they prepared the dish. Judging will take place in the main tent on Tuesday, June 20th at 1:00pm and is open to all show attendees. The judges have culinary expertise.

Captain’s Drone Challenge :: Tuesday, June 20th, 5:45pm - 7:15pm
The Captain’s Drone Challenge, organized by Cloud City Drones, will take place on Tuesday, June 20th at 5:45pm adjacent to the main show tent. The challenge is exciting and each participant will receive a gift bag from Cloud City Drones. The winner, who will be determined by the Cloud City Drones team, will receive a Star Wars Millenium Falcon drone! To win, each Captain will have the opportunity to fly a drone from the launch area to the designated landing pad. In the instance of a tie, one name will be picked from a ballot box. Your crew and all other show participants are invited to cheer you on! Beer and wine will be available at the start.

NOTE: This event is only for the captains of yachts participating in the show. Captain cannot be replaced by a crew member.

Tablescaping Competition :: Wednesday, June 21st, 10am-4pm
This competition is open to all interior crew onboard yachts participating in the Newport Charter Yacht Show. Crew can compete solo or as a team. The challenge is to artistically decorate a dining table onboard utilizing the yacht’s own linen, china, tableware and decorative items including candles and flowers. The yacht may choose any theme and set-up on either an interior or exterior table. The judging will focus on what is displayed on top of the table. A panel of design professionals will pick one winner. Show attendees will also pick a fan favorite. The criteria used in judging includes: originality of theme, composition, use of materials and how well the tablescape fits with the yacht.

Signature Cocktail Competition :: Wednesday, June 21st, 10am-4pm
Open to all crew participating in the Charter Yacht Show, this is a competitive opportunity for crew to show off their skills in creating delicious adult beverages using Keel Vodka and mixers or secret ingredients from their bar pantries. This competition will take place on Wednesday, June 22nd from 10:00 am to 4:00pm. Entries will be judged onboard by show attendees who will evaluate each for taste and presentation. (Please note that you will be required to list all the ingredients in each drink).

Newport Designer Water Competition :: Wednesday, June 21st, 10am-4pm
The first annual Designer Water Competition at the Newport Charter Yacht Show is a simple and fun contest to raise awareness about plastic water bottle waste and how easy it is to reduce it. Simply serve your own yacht’s water, infused with ingredients of your choice. Creativity, taste, presentation, and eco-friendliness will be judged. Awards include the Save the Blue trophy and spa treatments for the crew. More details can be found at http://www.cyba.net/newport-designer-water-contest or e-mail environment@cyba.net

Even if you do not enter the contest, consider not serving any plastic bottles at the show. Sponsors: CYBA in collaboration with AYCA and  IYBA